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on Landing Gear


This shop carries out overhaul and repairs on the structural parts of the landing gears, like the fixing and actuating systems including the parts that, together with the wheels and tires, make up the landing gear units for the following aircraft:

• B727, B737, B737NG, B747, B767, BBJ, DC10, MD11, EMB120, ERJ145, F50 and ATR4, Military Gears C-130, KC-135 and A320 partial capability

Here the Griffon GTW-U3 milling machine and Geminis GE-1600S lathe are used, latest generation
equipments, which enable any aircraft landing gear units to be repaired performing the following services:

• dismantling, cleaning and paint removal (plastic media);
• dimensional inspection assembly and testing;
• dverhaul individual pieces;
• inspection of steel parts by overheating – etching;
• surface hardening of steel parts – shot peening;
• non destructive tests: inspection with magnetic particles, penetrating liquids, eddy current,
   x-rays and ultrasound.